October 25, 2010

Talent is sexy.

As a rule, I always have been one to fall for talented guys, especially those with musical or artistic talent. God help me if you are a guy with both—I will be onto you like Paris Hilton on coke.

When I say musical talent, I don't just mean someone who knows know to strum a guitar, because that is too commonplace and cliche (no offense to guitar players). 
I just think that piano or violin is classier, although that may just be me having loved Meteor Garden's Hua Tze Lei back when I was a kid.

If you ask me who my crushes are, my top three would be:

Robert Smith of The Cure.
Don't give me shit about him wearing more make-up than I do.
Don't give me shit about him being six years older than my mom.
Don't give me shit about him at all, because goddammit, I love him.
[photo source]
Gabby Alipe of Urbandub.
I saw him perform a couple of times, and I also met him. That's right, bitches, be jealous, because I have met, talked with, and have a picture with, this awesome guy right here.
[photo source]
Pete Wentz of Fall Out Boy.
I love him so much that he was the cause of a fight my ex-boyfriend and I had during an FOB concert. I am not even kidding.
[photo source]

All in a band, all musically inclined (duh), all songwriters. Their talent shines through in every lyric—the ones that make me go, Oh my god he just sang everything I am feeling right now—of countless songs that they have written.

Never mind that not all of them are physically attractive. Their talent makes them more than enough, makes them better than the gorgeous-yet-dumb stereotypes multiplying like bacteria these days.

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