Who the hell are you?
The blogger is Roma Mikaela M. Kaimo, an eighteen-year-old going through the motions of typical teenage angst and hormonal rage.
I try to study at the University of Santo Tomas. Currently in my second year of AB Behavioral Science. Will take up law, just like my mom, because Attorney Kaimo sounds cool and I get to say, "Order in the court!" or "Objection, your honor!".

Yes, I need a picture of myself here.
August 2010. Grande Island in Subic.

What's this blog about?
I blog about anything that's going through my mind: family, friends, food, places, stuff I want but can't afford, stuff I buy but can barely afford, trust issues, emotional damage, and my excruciatingly average life.
I also write fiction, poetry, and short pieces that aren't really fiction but aren't really true stories, either. Lumi-literary lang naman.

When did you start blogging? Why?
This blog was started on January 2010 with the Bridget Jones-like purpose of getting my life in order. Writing has since become the therapy for my fits of hysterical anger, miseries, and ups-and-downs.
I write when I'm happy so I don't forget the good times, which I so often do. It's fun to read about my happy days! It reminds me that I can be bright and shiny.
I write when I'm sad so that I don't go crazy with misery and start throwing things. I mean, seriously, how else am I supposed to let out my *~emotions~*? Writing is healthier and cheaper than downing bottle after bottle of Red Horse.

What's with your blog title?
My Blogspot title, How strange to have a paper love, is a quote from my favorite trilogy, Griffin and Sabine. I like the phrase paper love because even though the trilogy uses it to mean a penpal affair, it evokes the thought of my love for the written word.
P.S. You should totz read Griffin and Sabine. The Php800+ for each book is worth every cent.

What else do you do when you're not pouring your rage out on the Innernetz?
Sleeping, reading books, watching DVDs, pigging out on the most unhealthy food I can possibly find, avoiding schoolwork, drinking, or just hanging out with friends. I'm very unproductive.

One of my favorite photos of myself, with my knockoff "Armani" sunglasses.

Tell me more!
I love short shorts and sneakers. I love reading books and am a bit of a book snob: I do not read chick lit or anything that involves vampires. I love music and am also a music snob, which makes me ashamed to admit that I like Charice Pempengco's Pyramid.
I hate vampires and Twilight. I hate vegetables and will only eat kangkong in sinigang. I hate my depressive episodes when all I want to do is go to sleep and never wake up. I am also somewhat nihilistic: I think that life is mostly pointless because we're all just gonna die anyway (but I love pointlessness so it's not like I'm completely without direction in this life).
I don't hate people. I just don't trust them. I keep them at a distance because I don't like the vulnerability of being too close with anyone. And only recently, I have proved yet again that I should never let my guard down. Fuck you, That Person. Fuck you up the ass, literally and figuratively.

If you're still starved for information about me—oh god I am so full of myself—don't hesitate to contact me!


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