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I like going to new places. I like the idea of exploring a place I have never been to. And even though I'm a taxi kind of girl, I like taking directions and commuting to unfamiliar destinations. Makes feel *~strong & independent~* or whatever empowering adjective you might have in your back pocket.

Last year, I discovered lots of new places, and let's just ignore the fact that most of them were bars in Manila (Tapsi, Viewpoint, 1611, Darkroom, Yes, S5—okay, stopping now). Now I wrote down a list of places I shall go to before 2012. Just because. I like lists.

In no particular order:
  1. Café Noriter. It was actually Robbie's blog that inspired me to do this whole new-places thing, anyway.
  2. Fort Santiago. This is the Valentine's Day destination of the YC Buddies, thanks to me and Aya.
  3. Binondo, out of sheer curiosity.
  4. Banapple. Might drag Gab with me because she knows where it's at.
  5. Ronac Art Center with The Best Friend to see toys at Secret Fresh.
  6. The Collective. I have a feeling it's such a hipster place, something like Cubao Ex, so I'm telling The Best Friend about it because we're gonna love the vinyl records and toys and stuff. God, such geekery.
  7. Malolos. Sleepover at Kat's.
  8. Lucban, Quezon. Mom and I are planning to go there for the Pahiyas Festival this summer. The plans are still sketchy, but I'm going to nag her until she agrees. She's already found a nice place to stay there.
  9. California Pizza Kitchen. Because when we were at Shangri-la, we didn't get to eat here. Shallow reason, yes, but I still want to try it out. It's pizza, for chrissakes!
  10. Bookay-Ukay. Three words: sixty-peso books.

Oh, and if anyone would like to accompany me, please, gimme a buzz. I'm a huge socially-awkward dork, but I can make up for it by being as nice and friendly as I could possibly manage.

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