March 07, 2011

Best. Dream. EVER.

This morning, I had the Best. Dream. Ever.

See these two beautiful men? I dreamed that we kissed. Yes, I kissed Patrick Stump and Pete Wentz. WOW.

We were in a small white room where everything looked flat and the light was bright. I was sitting on a white leather stool when Patrick walked in and sat beside me. At first, I just asked him questions like we were in an interview ("What's your favorite song? Food? Color?") then we were quiet and then he leaned in and we kissed OH MY GOD WE KISSED!!! We kissed for a really, really, really long time and he even kissed my neck, which really turned me on <3

Then he left "for a while" and then comes Pete, shirtless and sexy and he starts kissing me! And I'm feeling a little guilty because I just kissed Patrick a few minutes ago but I didn't care because it's Pete Wentz and I love him.


It was all so vivid and realistic and WOW and oh my god why did I even have to wake up to this dull life?!
It's stupid to be all excited about a dream, but it's one of those dreams where I didn't wanna wake up, ever. FOB fangirl ~*4lyf*~

1 comment:

  1. nice one! :))
    may panaginip din ako na nag-kiss kami..pero yuckkk! ahahhaa!! =))


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