March 18, 2010

Eleksyon 2010

As the national elections draw ever nearer, it's time for millions of voters to reflect on who they want as public officers. 

Although I am not a registered voter (which I think is distinctly unfair, as I turn eighteen on August—only three months from the election—yet I have to endure the next president for six years), I do have lots to say about the presidentiables.

I'll start with Gilbert Teodoro. If only I were registered, he'd be the one I'd vote for. Gibo gives intelligent answers in forums and debates, even when under fire for certain controversial issues such as his affiliation with GMA. He earned his law degree in Harvard, practiced law in some of the most prestigious law firms in the country, and held a national post as the Defense Secretary in his early forties. No one can deny his capabilities.
The only thing holding him back is his association with the administration.

Manny Villar was my choice before Gibo announced his bid for president. I know what most people say: Villar exploits the poor in his campaigns. Villar is a crook. Villar is a corrupt official. Public officers should be clean. 
Let's not pretend here: there are no clean officials, especially in that high a position. Every president has been corrupt. If Villar wins as president, sure, he'll steal the taxpayers' money. But at the very least, he'll be able to accomplish something, for he's intelligent and hardworking.
About his campaign ads, every advertisement manipulates people to buy the product. Villar is simply advertising himself, selling himself, to the masses. And to great effect, might I add. His campaign jingles are catchy as hell, and surveys have shown a marked increase in votes for him.

Now, for Noynoy Aquino. I dislike him. Very much so that I might not be able to write this without bias, but hey, it's my opinion on my blog, so suck up your violent reactions.
Noynoy... is not capable of running our country. Seriously. His academic performance is lackluster, same as his political performance. He served several years both as a Senator and a Congressman. Please note that of the very few (emphasis: VERY FEW) bills/laws that Noynoy filed (filed, not authored), none were passed into law. NONE. What does that say about his capabilities as a leader?
If you're gonna protest and say that Noynoy is a clean politician, and that he's a God-fearing citizen, well, so what? My grandmother is a God-fearing citizen. Does that mean she's fit to run for public office? Geez.
Besides, anyone can be religious in a Catholic country such as the Philippines. It takes brains—not religiosity, not popularity, not famous parents—to be an efficient president.
Speaking of famous parents, does anybody else notice that Ninoy and Cory manage to appear in every one of Noynoy's commercials? Think of that every time you bitch about a Villar commercial. 
Noynoy Aquino know he has to ride on his parents' coattails or else he'd never win.

Erap Estrada. Huh. Talk about nerve. 
It's a shame, though, to know that there are still Filipinos out there who choose to vote for a convict. If ever he wins, I bet there will be yet another People Power. We never learn, do we?

Jamby Madrigal... How do I even begin to describe Jamby Madrigal? :))
She's a nuisance candidate if I ever saw one. With no political party and an inherent ability to appear everyplace that Villar goes, Jamby is clearly just out to sabotage him. 
She discredits everything the other presidentiables do, brings up every possible controversy against her competition, and attempts character assassination at every turn. She's throwing mud in the voters' eyes, averting their attention from the big issues.
Her criticisms on Villar using showbiz artists in his campaigns was not well-received by many, thank god. Her opponents rightfully pointed out that in her Senatorial bid, she herself was endorsed by Judy Ann Santos. Talk about hypocrisy!

Whew! I'm running out of steam here, so I'll save the other presidentiables for another blog.

March 15, 2010

Perfectly Imperfect

Mr. Right. The One. Love of your life. Your other half.
There are countless ways to describe the person who most people are looking for. Sad to say, people are always looking for someone perfect.

Admit it or not, we have requirements for someone to be our boyfriend/girlfriend. They must be taller than us, chinito, slim, smart, talented, sweet, attentive, blah blah blah... The list goes on. And as I look at the list, I realize that there is no negative thing there. Everyone is looking for someone perfect, yet they themselves are flawed.

Girls, I think, are especially prone to this sort of thinking. We grew up believing in those stupid fairy tales and handsome, dashing Prince Charmings who'll sweep us off our feet with romantic gestures. We end up desperately searching for someone who'll fit into metaphorical glass slippers, not noticing the one wearing sneakers.

Just because the person we fall for is imperfect, doesn't mean that you'e settling for less. So what if he's a bit shorter than you? So what if he's less affectionate than you would like? So what if he can be insensitive sometimes? So what if he's a poor dresser? So what if he's a pessimist and you're an optimist? So what?

If he makes you happy, if he's good for you, then you're perfect—for each other.

March 04, 2010

One Wish

Shooting stars falling from the sky
are dead stars. Lifeless
but renew hope in those who see them.

The clock on the wall shows 11:11
I close my eyes and make a wish.
My floor is littered with dandelion spores
and broken wishbones.

Countless flowers have
shed their petals—the timeless game of "he loves me".
Fingers always crossed, deformed over time
I spent, wishing for you.

I made this because... Wala lang. Inspired, maybe, by loneliness.
I suck at poetry. I should stick to writing blogs.


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