2011 to-do list

Enough screencaps, haha! I despise the feeling that life has nothing to offer. Tired of moping around and feeling listless all year long, I compiled a list of things—exciting, romantic, simple, anything goes—to do before the 365 days of 2011 are up.

  1. Watch a play
  2. Watch an Urbandub gig
  3. Go to Enchanted Kingdom again
  4. Go to the top of UST Main Building
  5. Go karting again
  6. Volunteer at CARA
  7. Go to an art/design exhibit. Granted, I know nothing about art, but I can just look at the pretty colors and exclaim, Wow!
  8. Go on an out-of-town trip
  9. See Manila with tour guides
  10. Ride a calesa
  11. Learn how to fire a gun
  12. Paint something on the canvas I bought more than a year ago
  13. Go to a fireworks show
  14. Get a professional full-body massage

I hope I can accomplish everything at the end of 2011.
Gonna make this year count!

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