March 11, 2011


In a very successful effort in procrastinating, I wandered Youtube looking for stuff to watch to keep my mind off the pile of schoolwork waiting for me: two eulogies, a final paper, a group paper... Thank god the Innernetz is home to a plethora of hilarious whackjobs doing hilariously whackjob things.

Showing love for Monra <3

A parody of the popular song Like a G6. recommended by Robi.

A paroday of Justin Bieber's Baby. I don't know why I found it so funny.

Don't give me rabies, rabies, rabies~

My personal favorite!

A tablespoon of sadness,
A dash of discontent,
Sprinkle on some memories you'll never forget.
Two cups of anger,
And a ounce of regret.
Mix it all together it's The Sensitive Chef.
 Hahaha! I'm laughing so I can pretend that I don't have a shitload of work to do and that everything's dandy!


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