October 08, 2010

Optimism Challenge: Day I-Don't-Know-Anymore-Coz-We-Haven't-Done-This-Recently

As of 11:59PM, I have officially concluded that October 7, 2010 was a happy day. 

The weird thing is, I don't know why. Nothing exciting has happened; in fact, it was an incredibly average day. Went to school. "Studied". Had a quiz. Ate dinner with Gab and Bru. Bought pastries from Goldilocks. Went home. Logged on the the Internetz instead of studying.

Still, throughout the day, I have had a smile on my face. Ask Gab, and she'll tell you that I haven't had a day this consistently happy since... Shit, I can't even remember.

Anyway, in keeping with the Optimism Challenge with Vivien that we seem to have abandoned, here are things that made me happy today:

  1. Had a two-hour nap before getting ready for school
  2. Took my sweet time going to UST because I took the chance that there was no English class
  3. Had crazy fun with Gab in TYK, just being complete idiots
  4. Got 5/10 in the objective part in our History quiz. Sounds pretty low, but it's 75%, so... Shove it up your ass.
  5. Actually had fun, for the first time, in Rational Psychology. Sir Luna asked us to evaluate him, and after that, the class took photos.
  6. Ate at McDonald's with Gab, Bru, and Rod, Gab's friend from high school
  7. Got the last seat on the bus

Trivial, yes, but perhaps optimism—and sometimes, happiness, for I believe they are two different things—is all in the mind, how you try to view things. And today, the glass is half-fucking-full. :D

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