October 10, 2010

A Date at Cafe Lidia

Friday before last, I didn't go to class and slept in. When I woke up, Mom suggested that we go out.
We've been dying to eat at this restaurant called Cafe Lidia, located in Calumpang (is it with a C or a K? I never really knew), Marikina. It's been featured on a TV show and the food looked pretty good, so we gave it a shot.

Even as I entered the restaurant, I knew it was gonna be great. The sucky cellphone pictures don't do justice to the pleasant, country ambiance of the place.

I had my favorite, seafood marinara. Carbonara used to be my favorite, but I learned that marinara is healthier than cream-based sauces, so I feel a little less like a fat pig when I opt for this.

I want to call these the Before and After shots of my plate,
but I was halfway through my pasta when it
occurred to me to take a photo.

For dessert, I ordered a slice of... Of... Chocolate-paradise-something-like-that-oh-shit-I-forgot!

Before the food arrived, though, I was pretty annoyed with my mom, who was absorbed in her new cellphone and the free WiFi in the place. She was all up on Facebook and I was sulking because I don't like it when I'm with someone and I'm being ignored for a cellphone.

I missed hanging out with my mom. Not at home, when we're both on short fuses for nearly every little thing. I miss going out with her, shopping, eating, talking, laughing at the crazy things she comes up with.

Mission Impossible: Be a good daughter.
My face is so lulzy in this photo.

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