October 19, 2010

My musical soulmate is nonexistent

Most people I know don't share my taste in music. When they scroll through my cellphone's music player, the comment I hear most is, "Ano ba naman 'tong mga kanta mo dito, hindi ko alam!"

Call me hipster, but I don't like music that's too mainstream (with the exception of Fall Out Boy, only my favorite band ever).
My classmates look at me like I'm a freak when I tell them that I don't like Paramore. Reminds me of the time this week when my mom downloaded The Only Exception and Airplanes, which, to my utter vexation, she started playing early in the morning.

I also don't like contemporary music, which is why I think Lady Gaga and Ke$ha—who are basically the same thing, only Ke$ha looks even more like a trashy skank—are overrated.
Weirdly enough, my forty-something Tita Malou listens to the sort of music that kids my age listen to: mostly R&B, hip-hop, the latest dance hits by Usher, B.O.B., whoever. I don't know shit about any new songs.
On the other hand, I listen to the music of her generation: The Cure, The Smiths, a little Pet Shop Boys, OMD...

Speaking of The Cure, I am in love with their songs. Not the instrumentals, since I'm not a big fan of those, but most of their songs with lyrics are fantastic. A Letter to Elise always makes me wanna cry, and High makes me feel giddy in love, even though I'm not.

One of my favorite songs. This makes me feel all bright and shiny and happy and bouncy.

Currently, I have twelve albums downloading in my uTorrent, and I'm still searching for more new songs to add.
If you have the same taste in music, please, please, let me know. I need to find my musical soulmate. (Peter Angelo is not, repeat, not my musical soulmate. He doesn't like The Cure. What blasphemy!)

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