October 07, 2010

You know you're emotionally damaged when you get your jollies off of your friend's depression.

So I blogged about how depressed I was Tuesday before last. Later that night, I chatted with Peter Angelo, one of the few people who could cheer me up when life gets me down too much. True to form, he made me feel so much better, although he didn't know it.
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Call me superficial and sappy, but I like it when I could cheer people up. It makes me feel like I'm doing something good with my life, that I'm not just bumming around.

Maybe this is just my emotional crap speaking, but I love the fact that my friends come to me when they have problems. Shows they trust me, see. Shows that I'm actually someone worth having, worth trusting, worth talking to about everything.

That just makes me feel all bright and shiny inside and makes me forget how damaged I feel.

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