October 19, 2010

Poetry for The Best Friend

Haiku #1:
In his uniform,
with a T-square in his hand,
he always looks stressed.

Haiku #2:
With disheveled hair
and his oddly large eyebags,
he looks like an owl.

Haiku #3:
An oxymoron
Optimistic pessimist
My best friend is weird.

The Best Friend
His jokes are funny,
he likes wordplay and puns.
He calls me sweetie,
I call him cunt.

He holds a paintbrush,
and I'm proud to tell:
he likes to paint,
and he does so well.

We like the same music and read the same books
Though when he said he doesn't like The Cure—
I shot him dagger looks,
and asked, "Are you sure?"

He nodded and said, "Yes, I am,"
To my added infuriation, his books, he refuses to lend.
And I shook my head and yelled, "Damn!
Now I know this friendship will end!"

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