October 03, 2010

1:14 Sunday morning

Once again, I find myself awake at 1AM. Not because I've been out, or surfing the Internet, or talking to my best friends, but because of my research paper for English.

Even though this is a lengthy paper that requires a lot of work, I'm pretty stoked to write it. Probably because the topic—architecture—is something I'm really interested in. Also, probably because I'm this huge sucker for writing academic papers. Go on, call me a nerd.

Speaking of papers, I'm glad to report that I have finally finished one in Rizal. Yay, me! Four to go (it used to be five, but I found out that we were going to write one in class, so minus one. YAY MATH SKILLS)

I've been so busy that I haven't even had time to clean my room for weeks now. It looks like this:
Yes, those are bra straps.
I've also been sleeping on the couch because after I turn the computer off, I'm too zonked to even go upstairs to crash on my bed.

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