October 18, 2010

Run for Pasig River

October 10, 2010. Our NSTP required us to participate in this event.

I woke up at 2AM for said run, so I was determined to enjoy every minute of 10-10-10 (out of which, by the way, everyone made a big deal. I still don't get why people believe it's good luck.)

As with all school-required runs and marathons, my friends and I didn't really "run" as we did "walk" for three kilometers.

Like a bawzz at the finish line!

The run, however, wasn't as tiring as trying to get the Finisher's Band. There was a huge crowd  and everybody was pushing each other. Kat's face was nearly shoved into some middle-aged guy's sweaty, hairy armpit. Gross.

One of our dogs got hold of my Finisher's Band.
Now, the wooden square is all splinters.
The next couple hours were spent zonked out in the parking lot, waiting for MOA to open. When hunger overtook us, we circled 'round looking for a restaurant that didn't have a thousand customers lined up *ehem*McDonald's*ehem*.

We ended up in a small resto where our order of four mini-bowls of batchoy took an hour to get served to us.
Luckily, entertainment came in the form of an uncouth STI student who, because of her rudeness, drove away a couple of CEU students. Heh, trashiness is annoying but entertaining as hell. 
I let out an evil laugh when I saw that the rude girl's order was taking forever (that's called sinful joy, isn't it, Sir Basas?).

After chowing down, Ava, Aya, Kat, and I finally entered MOA, all sweaty and sticky from the race. The next hours were spent happily [window] shopping.
After weeks of preoccupation and self-absorption, it felt good to hang with my girls again. I missed the YC 

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