October 10, 2010

Urbandub's first major concert > Anything else in my entire life, ever

Ten years. That's how long Urbandub has been creating beautiful, incredible music.

Now they're holding their first major concert and I am gonna be there, goddammit! I just have to:
  1. Ask my mom for money. I'm planning to get the next-best seats, in the Orchestra, which cost P1000. I really wanna get the VIP ones (P1250) which include the best seats and—wait for it—an after-party with Urbandub! But it's limited to forty people, and I don't think I'd make the cut.
  2. Ask my mom for permission. I've got so many plans for the sembreak that my mom would probably go nuts. However, this is Urbandub. Urbandub! She knows how much this would mean to me. I'll cry until she caves, I swear to god.
  3. Find out how to get to the venue. One word: Taxi.
First two shouldn't be easy, but for Urbandub (especially Gabby Alipe), I would do anything. Everything.

Ticket information is available here, for anyone else interested in going. And who the hell wouldn't be interested in going? It's Urbandub, for the love of god! :D

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