November 11, 2010

Wild Mood Swings

So this week, my mood swings have been acting up worse than usual. Like this evening, in UST, I was pretty happy. On the jeepney ride home, I was so depressed I wanted to cry. On the tricycle, I cheered up again.

The weird thing is, I don't know why.
Don't tell me it's hormones, I know my riding-the-crimson-wave mood swings from the ones that genuinely make me miserable.
I honestly hope it's just adolescent angst, even though I'd look like a whiny brat. I don't want to be on an *~emotional roller coaster*~ for the rest of my days.
(Tildes and asterisks because it's so cliche, I can hardly stand to type it, but I am at a sudden loss for words.)

By the way, the title is a reference to The Cure, which makes me happy somewhat.

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