November 14, 2010


The Behavioral Science societies of UST, ADMU, and DLSU are hosting an event called Metanoia.
That's my classmate Paulo right there. Say hi!

There would be a fashion show in the program, and afterwards, dancing! Mingling! Party! Free-flowing cocktails!

And I have almost decided on not going.

Which is very surprising, because FREE-FLOWING COCKTAILS!!1!11!

Okay, I know I may seem like a *~wild~* partygoer, but in all honesty, I am not. Just because I am an alcoholic love my alcohol doesn't mean I'm always all up for clubbing.

What's more, even though the organizers said to wear anything, I highly doubt that you can wear anything. If I show up in jeans and a shirt, I'd be thrown out on my fat ass. 
My point is that I don't have an outfit that says "party", and I am not shelling out money just to wear something decent to an event where people dress to impress. Like Gab said, "Patalbugan ng suot dun." Better not to go and save my cash than to show up wearing my uniform: ratty shorts, a black shirt, sneakers.

I'm now thinking of other things to do on the 19th, including having a sleepover/Manila tour with the YC Buddies, go drinking with other friends (probably Robi and the gang, with whom I haven't hung out for a while), chilling at Padi's with Mojz, or watching a movie.
You know, while dreaming about the free-flowing cocktails.

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