November 20, 2010

Hume-Helga sa blog about hair

And when I say Helga, I mean her. Not the blonde girl from Hey Arnold! who has a crush on Football Head. Which reminds me, my torrent download of Hey Arnold! is taking forever.
Anyway, about what I was gonna say...

I have been thinking of getting neon highlights in my hair ever since:

  1. I saw Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina) on Glee
  2. My friends spritzed on temporary color onto my hair
  3. I watched Scott Pilgrim. (In my opinion, Knives Chau > Ramona V. Flowers, but they both equally rock the neon highlights, which I so want.)
But I'm not fair-skinned like them chickadees, so I dunno which color I should get.

If I had the guts to actually go through with this, I would probably pick:
  • dark tulip
  • pillarbox red
  • atlantic blue
Oh, sweet lord, what I would give to be able to pull this off.


  1. Go for it! Hahaha. Unfortunately I know nothing about hair, which makes me a bane to the (gay) human race. Lol


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