November 13, 2010

Way to end the first week back to school!

The first week of school ended pretty well. Since the last professor for the day wasn't coming, Denisse, Gab, Kat, and I decided to go to SM San Lazaro.
We had lunch at KFC, where a bunch of noisy, annoying ten-year-olds were being noisy and annoying while waiting for their food. My friends and I marveled at how fast kids grew up these days (heh, that makes us sound like grandparents): I mean, the girls were all dolled up, with make-up and gladiator shoes. LAWL WHAT EVEN.

Then we headed to National Bookstore at my suggestion. I was pretty sure that they didn't sell most of the books I wanted to buy (Stories, The Solitude of Prime Numbers, Money, to name a few), but I wanted to check it out anyway. To my dismay, they didn't have Pugad Baboy 22, but look at what I did buy at NBS:

A notebook and pens for school, just like a *~good student~*

I have been looking for years for a black notebook, and here it is!
Will write in it with a silver pen and use it as a journal.

This copy of The Hunchback of Notre Dame is NOT the Disney version. It's Victor Hugo's original, dark tale.
Also, a huge shout out to Peter Angelo, who is in love with J.D. Salinger's The Catcher in the Rye.  I would have just borrowed a copy from him, but he refuses to lend his books. Selfish cunt.

We hit a few different stores because Denisse wanted to buy a gift for a friend, and we eventually ended up in the department store.

Rockin' the fedoras with Gab.

I tried on the temporary, spray-on hair color in the color red. They said it looked nice on me, and I quite agree. Must buy a can of that stuff.

Yay for good friends and fun days :D
(Smiley for emphasis on my happiness.)


  1. i wanna read 'catcher in the rye' too, but i dont want to spend money to buy it, haha! feeling ko hindi worth it. im not a fan kasi ehh, just read reviews about it, ganda daw. more on suspense type binabasa ko ehh

  2. The Best Friend told me na maganda daw talaga yung Catcher, so I bought a copy. Para sa'kin, okay lang gumastos sa libro, kasi maganda luho naman yun eh ;)
    I'm not a fan of the suspense genre, kaya wala akong alam na mairerecommend na books.

  3. i like you considering books as magandang luho..wahehehe..

    i have a collection...but hindi ko matapus-tapos yung THE Prince by Machiavelli...P30 buy ko sa kasi..weeee....

    now i'm looking forward to buy the Eragon trilogy, The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman, Hush hush (maganda ba toh?), Cirque du Freak (hope maganda toh, this one's a gamble), Inkheart trilogy...hope nice to sila...wahehehe...

    kudos to your "hair plan"..waheeheh

  4. Totoo naman diba? It always annoys me when my mom refuses to buy me books, kasi I'm thinking, "Yan nga ang magandang luho, ayaw mo pa ako i-indulge."

    Tell me if the Neil Gaiman book is good! I've heard good things about it, pero di pa ako nakakabasa ng gawa niya.

  5. The Catcher in the Rye and The Hunchback of Notre Dame are both awesome! <3

  6. I am still in the middle of The Hunchback. God, I do love the ending.


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