November 09, 2010

Movies, movies, and movies!

I spent my sembreak mostly pigging out, trolling on the Innernetz, and watching movies. Of all the movies I watched, there are three that made it to my "Oh my god I love that movie!" List.

I loved this movie because I always wished to have a teacher like Mr. Keating, or as his boys call him, O Captain, My Captain: someone who is passionate about literature and poetry and uses that passion to inspire others.
The phrase carpe diem or "seize the day" was used frequently throughout the film. Keating's students took these words to heart by doing things they normally wouldn't have the courage to do, like asking a girl outtrying out for a part in a play, or just breaking out of his shell. Granted, Charlie Dalton went from daring to moronically rash, but he was such a hot BAMF that he was able to pull it off. Teehee.
Favorite quote:
No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world. —John Keating

Some might find this movie tedious and uninteresting. Me? I find it fascinating, for the film leaves you unsettled with questions that trouble the mind for days at a time: Is love an accident waiting to happen? How do you go about achieving intimacy?
I was completely enthralled by the way the movie portrayed relationships. There are no black-and-white areas or hard-and-fast rules, only the vaguest definitions of love.
The opening line, Hello, stranger, set the tone for the characters' lack of intimacy with one another, despite the fact that they have plenty of sex. It goes to show that intimacy does not always mean sex, and sex does not always mean intimacy.
Favorite quotes:
I amuse you, but I bore you. —Alice
He tastes like you, but sweeter! —Anna
You think love is simple. You think the heart is like a diagram. —Dan

Honorable mention:
Fight Club, although every bit as good as these movies (some might say even better), did not make it to my list for the reason that I couldn't relate to the characters. 
Mmm, break me off a piece of that.

What I did love about it was the way it was fast-paced and interesting, never boring, never predictable. Every scene was packed with action, and not action for excitement's sake, but the kind that actually advances the plot and adds more tension to the movie until the incredibly constructed twist ending.

If you know any other movies you think I might like, I'm just a comment away!


  1. have you seen murder in the first? find a copy of it, im sure it'll inspire you to pursue law.

  2. I read the plot summary on IMDB, it looks pretty good. Shall keep an eye out for it in Astrovision sales :p


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