August 19, 2010

You, Me, and Annuities

I lay in bed with a pen in hand and an intention to finish a ridiculously long piece of math homework, yet as my eyes read the numbers and send the sensory information to my brain, the lines and curves change shape and re-form into a picture of you, drawn from memory. 
One cannot possibly study math and finance when stricken by a bout of heady love. Having said such, I pull a pad of paper to me and positioned my pen.

What shall I write about you? Should I expound on an infinite number of things I like about you? Should I explain in mind-numbing detail how I first started to fall for you? Should I express my admiration (which borders on obsession) in a poem, or perhaps a haiku?

I throw the paper aside and get back to doing my homework. Computing for annuity is so much easier than trying to put into exact words the overwhelming feelings I have for you.

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