August 17, 2010

Chipped Nail Polish

Irrelevant title.
Today was a pretty good day. 

This morning, I had PE (handball). To my delight, I actually got the ball in the goal not just once, but at least three times. Yay, me!

I spent the rest of the morning helping Babs with his English homework for a fee of P100. I should have done it for free—he is a close friend, after all—but he offered to pay me before I could even think about it.

I also saw Peter Angelo at TYK, after two weeks of missing his company. Yes, I am a very needy person who needs constant companionship.

Also to my surprise, I got 56 out of 90 in my History prelims. It may not be much, but in Sir Mabahague's class, as long as you pass, you are awesome.

To top it off, had McDonald's dinner with Bru and Babes.

This day was full of *~gOoD ViBeS*~.

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