August 20, 2010

Down with Facebook!

My hatred for Facebook began a few months ago, during the start of my second year in college. During the summer, it was a way for me to maintain contact with friends who don't use YM, Blogspot, Multiply, Plurk, Tumblr, or Twitter (I have a lot of social networking sites because I didn't use to have a life). However, Facebook really started to annoy me when everyone made an account and started adding literally every single person they knew, including their friend's cousin's classmate's half-sister.

Suddenly, it felt like high school all over again. Unfriend-ing became an issue of "Why did she unfriend me? Is she mad at me?". Parinigan, a staple of pre-pubescent immaturity, was done through status updates. 
Change your relationship status from In a relationship to Single, and people you've talked to about once in your entire life will be like, "Bakit? Ano nangyari? Okay ka lang?". Do the opposite—change it from Single to In a relationship—and everyone's like, "Congratulations!" or "Yihee!".
An infinite number of pointless fan pages have also sprung up. Everyone's "liking" shit like I sleep with a blanket even when it's hotTIMYAP: Tanginang Mukha Yan Ang Pangit, or the shittiest, the infamous I'm Awesome! I'm Awesome! I'm Awesome! I actually had more than ten friends "like" that shit. Seriously?

Moreover, I realized that I was "friends" with all these people about whom I couldn't care less, and they couldn't care less about me. Honestly, I could not give less of a fuck if my best friend's friend's brother has leveled up in whatever stupid game he's playing—I am ignoring his friend request.

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  1. You've just written everything I've thought about facebook. Which is why I'm seriously thinking of pulling the plug on my online persona (at least in fb, I like blogging too much).


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