August 18, 2010


The past few weeks have been a happy blur, flying by so quickly that I was surprised to realize that August's end was fast approaching.

Last night, I was worried about my friends, a lot of whom were experiencing different personal problems. It was a relief to see them doing okay today, though I guess that, like most people, they don't show it when they're down.

Bru accompanied Babs and I to Trinoma. We were going to buy stuff for our exposure trip this weekend. It took us several hours because we kept going to different stores in search of a yellow T-shirt that I really wanted, during the course of which the two of them informed me that I was brand-conscious. I denied it at first, of course, but after a few feeble arguments, I realized that they were right. I didn't just want sunglasses, I wanted Ray Bans. I didn't just want a shirt, I wanted one from GraffiTee or Team Manila.

We took a break from shopping to sit down near a fountain, where I took the risk of relating to Babs about the whole incident with my last ex-boyfriend (which my friends couldn't seem to stop referring to whenever the topic of bad relationships comes up). To my dismay, I don't think he appreciates how hard I found it to tell him that story.

Anyway, speaking of our exposure trip, our class is going to Subic for a nature trip. Zipline, hiking, jetski, banana boat, night swimming, karaoke—here we come! It is going to be so much fun!
We're supposed to be in UST by 5AM, so I might sleep over at Babs' Dimasalang place with Oscar, Gab, and Paula. Dear mom, please let me I am going to sleep over there whether you like it or not, because I am eighteen now, damn it! Just kidding. Love you, mom.

In other news, lately, I've been closely observing the PBA Finals because my mom's team, the Alaska Aces, has a shot at the championship. Tonight, Alaska won, which made my mom, and subsequently, me, very happy.

I have yet to finish my Logic completion requirement, so 'til next time, dear reader who wasted time on my crazy, poorly-written crap known as a blog.

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