August 25, 2010

A sudden intake of oxygen

Things that are bothering me right now:
  • I have yet to submit the CD for my Logic completion requirement. I went to the Faculty Lounge this afternoon only to discover that my professor was off to Baguio and would not return until Sunday.
  • My mom telling me that she wasn't happy. I think it's because most of the time she's alone in the house. Maybe she should move back to Marikina and let me dorm, instead. It'll be so win-win: she gets to have the company of our family, I don't get tired from commuting. A few problems with that solution: 1) she will never allow me to dorm because she doesn't trust me; and 2) we don't have space in our Marikina house to stash all our furniture here in San Mateo.
  • My 2-gigabyte memory card is almost full. 400 songs is not enough for my music appetite.
  • I'm thinking of changing my Blogspot URL. Unfortunately, sarcasmic has already been taken, so I'm back to square one.
  • Babes is crazy over some famous dude named Wookie; when I tried to Google him, I came up with this:

On the bright side of things, this week has been pretty good so far.
  • I had a Wendy's Baconator and Frosty today.
  • I had quality bonding time with Babs last night.
  • I got 1.75 as my prelim grade in Math. Not to brag, but that was me being lazy—imagine what my grade would be if I had actually studied!

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