September 01, 2010

Un-birthday gift 2.0

Once again, I have an amazingly talented guy for a best friend.

It's not a simple drawing, though. If you know me (which few people can say), then you'll see the meaning in those pencil strokes.

At the upper right corner is, literally, the sunflower, my favorite.
My private blog's title is The Raincloud Over Your Head.
The Cure is one of my favorite bands. The iPod is placed above me similar to an IV drip, which symbolizes how my need for music.
Peter named it Dummy Bear because, "parang gummy bear pero dumb." I don't know if he's trying to insult me here, haha. A screw is loose in Dummy Bear's head, symbolizing my insanity, and the stitches on her neck are because of the expressions I often use, namely: /wrist, /neck, and /clitoris.
Dummy Bear will soon drown in a sea of liquor. Her knife-wielding shadow has a sad expression on her face, which represents my tendency towards misery. In the boxes are written: Dark and twisty bear with a horrible past!
The cake's candles are cigarettes and on the cake is written The Cigar Blues, the title of Peter's blog.
I don't really know why there's a bomb, but off the top of my head, I guess it's because of my rage issues.
I love anything Super Mario, which explains the pipe, the question mark block, and the 1up mushroom.
The buildings are the only part that don't make much personal sense to me. When I pointed this out to Peter, he hastily replied that it's because I love architecture.

Another picture, just because.
I want to share its sheer awesomeness with everyone who has Internet access.

Allow me to gush yet again how much I love that my best friend knows me so well.

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  1. wow.amy symbolism pala yan ah..hehe..galign talaga mag-drawing n peter..inggit ako :))


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