September 20, 2010

Granny's Got Pneumonia, 2.0

So, today, I didn't go to class. I went with my mom to the hospital to visit Lola.
When we got there, Lola was already with Mommy, Tita Malou, Kuya Sean, and, to my surprise, Nanay Leth, with whom my family had a somewhat serious falling-out months ago. 

As they were helping Lola get into bed, I felt a shock go through me. My grandma always was strong for her age (73, I think); she could even lift those heavy plastic water gallons you put in dispensers. It was very unsettling for me to see her that weak.

Later, when Lolo arrived and only Mommy, Mama, and I were left, he asked, "Nung nasa Surigao ka pa ba nanghihina?" to which my granny sheepishly replied, "Oo."
Lolo then asked, "Eh bakit di mo sinabi?"
The next words showed that I got my stubborn streak from Lola: "Ayokong ipakitang mahina ako, eh."

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