September 15, 2010

I went shopping with a guy without him once complaining. How odd.

Last Friday, Babs and I went to Trinoma to shop for birthday gifts for Tita Carmen (his mom) and Paula.

For Paula, we bought this shirt:
Photo taken here.
That is a shirt that reeks of (drunken) inside jokes with me, Gab, Japhet, and Babs.

For Tita Carmen, we spent a lot of time roaming the mall looking for that one perfect gift. Finally, in EGG, I spotted a beautiful pendant which opens up to reveal a watch. Now, I wish to god I have a picture of it because I find it really nice: silver chain, silver metalwork, and a glossy pink/white floral design set on black.

Turns out that I'm great at picking our gifts. Paula found the shirt funny, and when I greeted Tita Carmen a happy birthday yesterday, she told me that she liked the necklace, that I had great taste, and that she hoped to meet me soon.

Babs and I also watched Resident Evil: Afterlife that day. It cost P180, and it was so not worth it.
Sure, Milla Jovovich and Ali Larter were hot,
Photo taken here.
and Wentworth Miller was sizzling-delicious-mm-mm-good,
Okay, so this ain't a picture from Resident Evil.
Don't bust my chops, I just love this picture of him. Hawwwt, dude.
Photo taken here.
but for P180, we should have watched Despicable Me instead.

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