September 07, 2010

Optimism Challenge: Day 1

Talking to Vivien about our constant depression made me realize that it was up to me to make things better, so the two of us agreed to find at the very least three things for which to be grateful in every day. Day 1 was yesterday.

  1. I had bacon—my favorite—for breakfast.
  2. The bus ride to UST was comfy.
  3. I spent Psych class laughing my ass off with Gab.
  4. Rizal Course was fun, as always, because of Sir Albela and his wacky ways. (I love that guy.)
  5. I ate chicken, Coke Float and fries. Spent time with Bru, Gab, Babes, Ressa, and Paula at Lover's Lane.
  6. An empty bus pulled up at EspaƱa, which meant a seat for me.
  7. I got home at a reasonable hour. Okay, so getting home at 6:30PM when dismissal was 3:00PM doesn't seem reasonable, but trust me, I once got home at 2AM, so this is an achievement for me (and a bit of a shock for my mom, who usually expects me home at 9PM).
These are somewhat sucky bright sides, but if you know how miserable I usually am each day, then you'll know that this is the most optimism I can muster.

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  1. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. LOL that's weird cause I haven't done that in a long time, thanking blog visitors.


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