September 19, 2010

Granny's Got Pneumonia :(

One of my aunts texted my mom this morning, saying my grandma has a fever. Tita Ninang suggested that Lola go to the hospital for a check-up. 

Later, we found out my grandma was confined because she had pneumonia. I then Googled pneumonia, which was a big mistake. Instead of alleviating my anxiety, I got even more worried. Check out what I got from Wikipedia:
Pneumonia is common, occurring in all age groups, and is a leading cause of death among the young, the old, and the chronically ill.

Yeah, thanks a lot.

Mom then told me to pray for Lola. Which made me go, How about no? inside my head. Aaah, Mom, I don't know how I can tell you that I'm not big on the God thing.

Anyway, tomorrow, I'll probably drop by the hospital to see how Lola's doing. If you're religious, then maybe you can take my place and pray to God/Shiva/Allah/[insert name of other religious god] for my granny's quick recovery.

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