September 26, 2010

Me, Mom, and Food

When my mom and I get into a fight, she usually makes up for it by giving me money to buy food. I take advantage and ask to buy food that I can't normally afford, so I usually end up buying at Taco Bell (yes, my allowance can't afford Taco Bell huhu) or Wendy's, with a Dairy Queen Blizzard on the side.

And when my mom and I fight in a mall, she knows that the only way to get the sulky scowl off my face is to feed me. When that happens, we usually go to a somewhat expensive restaurant, like Pancake House, Conti'sFive Cows, or Burgoo. The two of us have this unspoken understanding: that when I'm down, food can cheer me right up.

Last night, I got home at around 1:30AM (don't ask), and my mom was predictably pissed about it. Which is why I was surprised that when she got home, she brought with her a box of Meiji Macadamia chocolates. She then said, "Yan ah, kahit bad girl ka na, binibilhan pa rin kita."
Photo taken here.

Thank god chocolate has endorphin-producing capabilities, assuaging the guilt I felt for causing my mom so much trouble lately.

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