May 10, 2010

A post about material things I want.

So tomorrow (or rather, later) I'm going to Trinoma with Mama, Tita Ninang, Dylan, Tita Anne, and Mommy. As usual, my very generous mom will treat us all to an expensive lunch.

It's been a week, and all I can think of is buying those sneakers. Tomorrow, I'll go to Zoo York... and drool. Just drool.

Anyway, my new Samsung phone has a headset jack, so I'll be buying a new pair of earphones. Preferably, I'd buy really cool earphones that aren't just black or white, like these cute Paul Frank ones:

Or these Lego ones, which I really love:

Oh, god, I'm going to spend my 30K before my birthday comes around! Must... exercise... self-control...


  1. I like those Lego earphones! Buy them! Really cool. (Abbey)

  2. Wala nga akong mahanap na ganyan eh :(


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