May 14, 2010

Is he a better lover than I?

When a guy breaks up with me because he was cheating, I'd prefer it if he was doing it with another guy. Yes, you read that right: I'd rather find out that my boyfriend is gay, rather than find out that he is a womanizing pig.

My pride plays a part in this twisted philosophy. If my boyfriend breaks up with me because he is gay, I figure, it's not my fault. His homosexuality is to blame, and not any shortcomings on my part.

On the other hand, if I find out that he is cheating on me with a girl, then a thousand insecurities would attack me: What does she have that I don't? Do you find her prettier than me? Funnier? More clever? More interesting?

If a boyfriend cheats on me with a guy, then I know that my only shortcoming is not having a penis. And that is not my fault.


  1. my girlfriend thinks exactly...the opposite.

    he would rather lose my penis to some girl than have it

  2. Whuuuut? Haha. I guess I'm too proud to lose a guy to another girl.


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