May 12, 2010

All up in smoke.

A friend of mine liked this on Facebook, and it pissed me off so much.

Alcohol and cigarettes. People think they're two of the worst things that can happen to someone. Apparently, drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes makes you a good-for-nothing bastard.

I find this kind of labeling incredibly superficial. Granted, I despise all kinds of social labeling, but this one just makes me so mad.

Suppose you met this guy. He's good-looking, charming, smart, funny, sweet, kind, generous—everything you've ever wanted, actually. Through some kind of inconceivable twist of fate, he falls for you. Then you find out that—mother of pearl!—he has the occasional drink and cigarette. 
Do you let go of this otherwise perfect guy, or do you look at the big picture?

Do you understand what I'm trying to say here? I mean, there are worse things you can find in a person than having these vices. You could be turned off by arrogance, cruelty, rudeness, dullness of mind, a demeaning attitude towards women—a thousand worse things, I think, than smoking and drinking.

The problem is that some people feel the need to label others because their tiny, shallow, closed minds cannot comprehend that there might be more to someone than meets the eye.

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