May 07, 2010

Election Ramblings

It's utterly, completely, totally unfair that I don't get to vote. In three months, I will be eighteen, yet I am denied the right to vote for my country's next leaders!

A lot of my friends have turned eighteen already, yet I don't know anyone who has registered to vote, which quite annoys me because I believe that participating in elections is our obligation to the country. If I were eighteen already, not only would I register to vote but I would also like to be a poll watchdog, like Juan (who, by the way, is an awesome writer. Check out his insights on Philippine politics).

On Tumblr, a lot of people are talking about the upcoming elections—who they're gonna vote for, who they're not gonna vote for, and all the corresponding reasons. To my pleasant surprise, quite a lot are for either Gilbert Teodoro or Richard Gordon. I myself am rooting for Gibo, because I believe in his capabilities. However, I suppose Gordon wouldn't be bad, either. 
I just don't want Noynoy Aquino to win. My apologies to Aquino supporters, but I remain dubious of his abilities—so much that I think I'd prefer Manny Villar over him. There, I said it. Cut off my tongue, why don't ya?

As for the candidates for the position of vice president, I am very much for Bayani Fernando. Under his term of office as mayor, Marikina has flourished into the successful city it has become: with lots of jobs, housing, and most notably, a clean environment.
BF is sometimes called Hitler because of his firmness in enforcing laws, and some say he is too heartless. I say, the Philippines, with its undisciplined citizens, need an iron fist. Someone with political will, who isn't afraid of making the unpopular yet right decisions for the greater good of the country. The Philippines needs Bayani Fernando.

Our next leaders to be a force for change and progress. Please, voters, think before you shade the circles on the ballot sheet. The next president could potentially put our country on top—or altogether destroy it.

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