February 09, 2011

Meiday! Meiday!

Saturday was Meiday's third anniversary but it was only my first time to go. For those of you who don't know, Meiday is an event where local bands get together to perform. It's organized by Mei Bastes, who takes care of everything that the event involves. Did I mention that it's free?

Several bands were there, including Sugarfree (who disbanded but agreed to perform at Meiday), Pedicab, Halik ni Gringo, and Itchyworms. Unfortunately, I didn't see them all, because I had a curfew of 12AM. Cinder-Ela, lol.

[Pretend there are pics here. I was too lazy to take pictures.]

Oh, wait, I do have one picture. Wait for it...

That is me with Manix Abrera! He draws Kikomachine Komix! His comics are hilarious! I especially like 12! He made my Meiday! The Best Friend was jealous of this picture!



  1. Sa lahat ata ng mahilig sa rakrakan, ikaw ang may curfew na alas-dose. lol.

    pero sayo ko lang nalaman na disbanded na ang Sugarfree. Sayang. Sana Cueshe na lang ang na-disband. hahaha. *evil*

  2. MANIX ABRERA! I almost completed the Kikomachine, nawala lang yung iba kong copies huhu, four more again.


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