February 27, 2011

Condoms are the new contraband over at Ayala Alabang

"Contraband" is a bit of a stretch, seeing as it's not illegal, but it has a nice ring to it and the title sounds good so shut up okay.

Anyway, most of us have heard the news that Brgy. Ayala Alabang released an ordinance requiring pharmacies to ask for a prescription before dispensing contraceptives. Buying from other cities then selling them or giving them away within the barangay was also not allowed, according to Barangay Ayala Alabang spokesperson Atty. Luis Sison. Can you imagine small stalls selling condoms in the streets, a black market trade ala Quiapo within the distinguished community?

Photo taken here.

We human beings have natural sexual urges. I'm not saying that you should always give in to them and start sleeping with everything that moves, but when you do have sex, it's always better to do it safely and responsibly. No sense in taking chances.

What infuriates me is that this country is so indoctrinated in Catholic dogma that it refuses to see that condoms help prevent unwanted pregnancies and the spread of sexually transmitted infections. It refuses to acknowledge that the best way to deal with human sexuality is to provide accurate information about practicing safe sex.

“It’s a multicultural barangay with residents from other countries, and these people have different religious and cultural beliefs, which I think should be respected,” said Ayala Alabang Village resident Kevin Punzalan.

We're always yelling about democracy and how big a role it plays in our country. Well, Ayala Alabang, don't you think it's pretty anti-democratic to require prescriptions for contraceptives? Don't your residents have the right to enjoy their sex lives privately, without having to whip out a piece of paper that says, One pack of Premiere Extra-Thin condoms?

This issue really pisses me off. Philippines, I love you, but you got to do better than that.

By the way, this is my opinion. Meaning, comment respectfully or GTFO before I shove dildos up your ass.


  1. I think the ordinance is another one of those "test" laws on the local scale. The problem is not so much with a prohibition in isolation from the rest of the country. An "Alabang girl" [sorry, I'm reminded of Andrew E. hahaha!] may simply purchase a condom from a neighboring city, or town.

    The bigger monster in all these lurks somewhere in the bigger picture. At the least, I cannot help but think that the ordinance is designed with such precision so as to railroad the RH Bill. It's a curious case.

  2. just another way to punish the poor (like drug laws) since we all know that the rich kids in Ayala Alabang are heavy on the drugs and using condoms and having abortions. lol

  3. What really irks me is that HIV is on the rise in the Philippines and yet the state seems to hesitate on disseminating information regarding contraception. Tapos they implemented this ordinance pa!


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