June 30, 2010

Last Wednesday

These titles are very unimaginative.

Since Thursday was a national holiday, some Tumblr people decided to go out drinking. I wanted to see them under any circumstance, so I joined them in drinking at 1611, a small bar along P. Noval.

After a few bottles of strong beer (Red Horse and Colt 45—on an empty stomach, no less), I started to feel tipsy, losing track of time.

Here's the thing: I told my mom that I was only going to be hanging out at UST, and that I'd be home by 10PM. I missed my curfew by an hour and came home reeking of beer and cigarettes.

As predicted, my mom chewed me out. She said the usual stuff moms do when they preach: in particular, that my friends were bad influences, and that she was going to transfer me to OLOPSC if I didn't behave.

In truth, I accepted what she was trying to say. Even if I didn't like it, I understood why she was angry. I understood that she did not want her only child to have vices at the tender (?) age of seventeen.

In my defense, however, I have to say this: my friends are not bad influences. I chose to go with them, to drink with them. No one forced me, no one pressured me, no one even so much as told me to drink. It was all my own volition.

My mom and I have been having rocky times, so to make things easier for her, I'm going to be a good girl for the next month.

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  1. woah.. so active tumblr po kayo. :)
    may tumblr din ako pero kokonti lang follower ko at wala ako masyadong kaclose. gusto ko din sana magkaroon ng mga friends dun.. :(

    first time ko dito, sana maging kaibigan kita. :)


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