June 27, 2010

Last Tuesday

It was, unexpectedly, pretty fun.

I was late to my very first PE class because Kirstie made all of us wait for her as she was almost an hour late. Normally, this would have made me mad as hell, but since I was with Peter Angelo and June, I didn't really mind.

I spent the morning with Leo, who went to UST to hang out. What we actually did was talk about our depressing lovelives, particularly his. It was funny, in a very sad, lonely kind of way. I shoved comfort food down his throat (ice cream and chocolates) in an effort to cheer him up, and it worked, somewhat. When I left him, he was smiling slightly, which made me feel good about myself because I like making my friends happy.

The classes, however, were a different story. They were so boring. Like, please-kill-me-now, falling-asleep-with-eyes-open boring.

Now, don't call me a geek, but I think I'm going to enjoy our English class this semester. The professor informed us that the course is all about writing, and that he was going to require us to submit several papers over the next few months. As you should very well know, I enjoy writing, to the point that I offer to write Peter Angelo's papers for him simply because of the pleasure that the written word gives me. So when our professor said that, I was smiling, contrary to some of my classmates' disgruntled reactions.

It was a good start of the week.

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