June 05, 2010

I can't stop talking about shoes.

I woke up yesterday morning in a state of anticipation. For weeks, I have endlessly thought of whether or not I would buy these shoes. I pestered my family and friends, asking if the price was too high for a pair of sneakers.

Today is Zoo York day! I Tweeted, already anticipating the purchase.

When we got to Zoo York, I spotted the shoes immediately and asked the saleslady for a pair in size 6, all the while grinning and laughing. My enthusiasm did not go unnoticed by the saleslady, who looked at me with a confused expression.

Ay sorry ma'am, last size na po yang 5.

Oh, life is so cruel.

My mom and I wandered around in Trinoma for a while, hitting several shoe stores at her suggestion. When she saw how quiet and depressed I had become, she offered to buy me a pair of P2000 shoes. Needless to say, it cheered me up a great deal.

These are Marc Ecko sneakers:

And these are my new favorite sneakers: Von Dutch ones I bought with my own money, thank you very much.

I also bought a couple of shirts—black, of course, my favorite color.

My P30,000 just dwindled to less than half, in two months.
When I grow up, I can totally see myself burning cash, overusing my credit cards, drowning in debt, and eventually getting killed by loan sharks.

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  1. haha nabinyagan ko ang isang sapatos diyan wahaha


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