June 03, 2010

Give Me [Retail] Therapy

Today, I realized once again that I am a very materialistic girl.

Since last night, I've been depressed because my mom didn't allow me to go to the meet-up on Saturday. When I say depressed, I mean depressed—I was hardly speaking.

My mom and I were to watch Shrek: Forever After with my Ninang Olive and kinakapatid Ziara. On the taxi ride to Robinson's Metro East, I was silent as a rock. By the time we were buying books in Booksale, however, I was starting to smile.

Fine, I admit it. When I'm down, there is nothing better than shopping to cheer me up. I hate exiting the mall empty-handed. When I see something I want to buy, I loan money from friends, even if it takes me weeks to pay it off.

Anyway, the four of us had lunch at Savory then watched Shrek: Forever After. Having entered the cinema at bit late, we didn't get to watch the beginning, so we only saw Shrek making a deal with Rumpelstiltskin. Meh, my Tita Anne would buy a DVD of the movie anyway, so I'll just wait for that instead of waiting an hour in the cold theater for the film to start again.

I bought quite a lot of stuff, actually:
  • A bottle of Kamiseta's Powder cologne
  • A secondhand book on puppies and how to raise them
  • A shirt from Francis M. Clothing Co.
  • Cheerleaders: The Second Evil by R.L. Stine

  • 1984 by George Orwell

...which brings my P30,000 down to around P17,000. And tomorrow I'll be buying the gorgeous pair of Zoo York sneakers, which cost around P3,500.

I just needed these here again, because I am finally buying them. Yay for not impulse-buying! I want them even more now that I've waited to buy them.

My debut money is going down the drain, and it's not even my birthday yet!

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