June 12, 2010


"Wake up, boo."

"Boo?" I mumble sleepily. "What is that? You couldn't think of anything less cheesy to call me?"
"How could I? The only thing I think about is you," you reply in your husky, just-woke-up voice I always found to be sexy.
I pulled back the warm sheets wrapped around me and turned to face you. You were lying on my pillow with a faded print of blue flowers. Those black-brown eyes found mine as I smiled slightly, my lips dry and cracked with sleep. "But still... Boo? Seriously?"
With a huge yawn, you stretched your arms and I automatically slid into them, cuddling against your chest.
"Yes, seriously," you said, stifling yet another yawn as you kissed the top of my head. Your lips were soft against my earlobe, cheek, and nose. I closed my eyes as you lowered your head, and I awaited the kiss I knew was coming. Any second now—

With a start, I woke up. My heart was thudding as I looked wildly around the room.
The sheets were cold. The pillow next to me was empty. I was completely alone.
It was all a dream. Just a pointless fantasy.
And I buried my face in my pillow, and cried.


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