December 03, 2010

Sucky pictures + Sucky captions = Sucky blog entry

My mind feels really cluttered right now: thoughts of school, home, and people keep spinning about, and I can't seem to write a single coherent sentence. So I'm going to post random pictures!

A painting I made back in elementary school. Lookit the purty colors!
Okay, okay, I know I suck. I suck big-time. I suck so much that you probably don't even know that the brown/flesh-colored rectangle at the lower-right side of the canvas is supposed to be a house.
But my rainbow is really cute. I love rainbow stripes.
Oh, and the jagged dark green thingy to the left is actually a forest. A fucking forest. 

My new favorite shirt! Bought this at Black Sheep (gotta love that boutique) for only P250.
It's black, so I automatically love it, and it's got a frowney (that is the opposite of smiley, right? Lawl) face on it! A fucking frowney face! How very appropriate for me! :D

Bench earrings for around P150. I have been eyeing this pair for about a month.

A huge and painful reminder of my first time to go karting. When I wore my PE shorts, it was really noticeable. Looked as though I went through a sorority hazing ritual. #SlightExaggeration
When I ran, it hurt like fuck, though.

Okay. Second post for December, and it sucks.
But if you like it, comment and boost what little confidence I have. xoxo

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