December 10, 2010

ASPC is possibly the shittiest thing I have encountered on Facebook, including the "I'm Awesome!" page!

Dear losers,
This saddens me. This really does. Actually, it disgusts and annoys me more than it saddens me, but that's not the point.

The point, dear losers, is that you actually had to make a page for this. You actually had to make a Facebook page crying out, "Where is my next boyfriend/girlfriend? I am an emotionally stunted person who needs to be in a relationship to feel like my life has meaning!"
"Anti-single". What bullshit. Being single is fun, but I guess y'all couldn't enjoy it because you're all just a pathetic waste of space. It doesn't help my disgust that almost all of the likers are jejemons. Holy mother of fuck.

Seriously, did anyone really find love here? Or have they just met someone who is as unstable as they are?
Jesus, the shit people come up with on the Internet. I swear to god I just might like this page just to be able to troll you, dear losers.

God, see what you're doing to me? I promised myself I'd be nicer, but goddammit if you didn't make it so hard. Fuck nice. I'm going to troll you 'til you block me.

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