January 30, 2010

No More RomComs

Romantic Comedies. Yeesh. Don't even get me started.
Fine, so this rant was inspired when my cousin watched a Tagalog love story. I rolled my eyes at first, but when the sad music started playing at the part when the couple splits, I hate to admit that my eyes got a little teary. Emphasis on a little.

The sad, sad truth is, I'm still not over him. Sure, I'm moving forward—I'm not stuck in the same place as I was four months ago. However, there are still times when sadness and reality overwhelm me, when I get this painful ache in my chest, when all I want is to see him, talk to him, hold him.

I'm beginning to suspect that RomComs trigger these reactions. Every single time I watch one, I end up in a state of depression.

But I can't stop watching.The movies I like to watch are usually love stories: 500 Days of Summer, Notting Hill, 50 First Dates. Not even Kill Bill, one of my favorite non-RomCom movies, can escape the love angle (I personally am fascinated by the love-hate relationship between Bill and Beatrix, but I digress).

The point is—yes, I do have one—the unrealistic expectations of happy endings set by watching RomComs have made their way into my mind. I could not help but compare the onscreen couple's situation with my own, pathetic (and currently nonexistent) love life. Thoughts like, how come they were able to make it work? creep into my mind. I get LSS from the annoyingly catchy pop songs that play when the couple fall in love. My eyes get moist when I see the couple fall apart. I cheer silently when they reunite.

Dear god, I am such a sap!

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