January 18, 2010

So, my schedule is looking a bit full.

I wished for a busy social life, and hot damn, did I get it. Here's a peek at my schedule:

Tuesday, Intramuros pictorial with YC Buddies, then PE in the afternoon.
Wednesday, I'll be meeting My Love in the morning to take the LRT together.
Thursday, I'll wait for Mcflirty for two hours so I can treat her to lunch/merienda/dinner. Huh. Lugi ako dun, ah.
Friday, I'll be in Gateway with Yeah. Then I might swing by Ivory to have a nomo session.
Saturday, I'll be in IJA to watch the Field Demonstration (which might turn out to be interesting, considering the ongoing war between the seniors there and a former classmate of mine). Then I'll attend Kirstie's overnight birthday pool party.

The week after that Saturday is Prelim Week.
I think I've chosen a really bad time to be a gimikera.

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