January 28, 2010

Comfort(able) Zone

This is a continuation of my previous blog.
So, last week I stepped outta my comfort zone. It. Was. Awesome.
Maybe I'd completely forgotten how easy it was to be with my high school friends, because before the party, I was anxious as hell. I was like, what if I feel left out? What if I get bored while all my classmates are having fun? What if, what if?
As I went to the resort, I mentally told myself to shut the fuck up. I will have fun if I have to kill myself doing it. If all else fails, I assured myself, there will be alcohol.
As it turned out, I had completely forgotten how easy it was to be with my classmates. Self-consciousness took a nosedive as I hugged friends I missed for months, and laughed and joked around.
When I went home, I thanked myself for not taking the tried-and-tested Mikaela routine of weaseling out.
2010 is off to a pretty awesome start, don'tcha think?

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