February 02, 2010

A Taste of Architecture

I spent a weekend night writing a design concept for Peter Angelo. It was so cool! No, it wasn't cool that I spent a weekend night doing schoolwork—for someone else, no less.

What was cool is that I actually learned a lot. Seriously!
No longer will I confuse elevation with floor plan, in case I ever decide to show off to Arki students again. I know the terms design considerations, design objectives, and evolution of shape.

More importantly, I got some new perspective. By having a taste of how difficult the Arki students' work is, I found fresh appreciation for architecture because I got a glimpse of how much thought goes into every single detail of the designs.

On a different note, it felt really great to be helping out a friend. (To be perfectly honest, the ego boost from the compliments felt awesome, too.) I loved the feeling that I was doing something for someone else. It made me feel unselfish—you know, the exact polar opposite of me. Seeing the word salamat made me feel all tingly and weird. I should do stuff for my friends more often.

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