January 30, 2011

Celebrating 400 years of unending grace

AKA an excuse for a photo spam of my friends and I having fun last Wednesday.

Was at UST by 6AM for the parade, which was lots of fun! We went through Morayta, Mendiola, and Legarda, meaning we passed FEU, UE (which had a banner congratulating UST on its 400th year, how sweet), CEU, San Beda, and San Sebastian. Of course, every time we passed another college, the noise level went up by several decibels. We're such a bunch of show-offs, lol.

Before the parade, looking fresh in the morning air.

2BES1 with the crush-ng-bayan professor, Sir Mabahague.

After the parade. Look at dem haggard faces.
(I nearly cried when Ava told me that the Mcmuffins weren't ready yet.)

The YC Buddies turned Room 109 into our own org room. Heh. *~So fly like a G6~*

Afterwards, Denyang Denisse, Kat, Gab, and I hung out at the Botanical Garden after buying a shitload of food. Since I got up at 3AM and slept at 2AM (thanks to besfran), I was so sleepy and so tired that I fell asleep at the table right after eating.

When we woke up (yes, we all slept there), we camwhore-d and shot videos of us being silly. One of them was a *~drama~* wherein I played the girlfriend.

Denisse, me, Kat.

Facebook DP.

Gab, me, Denisse. Why am I always in the middle in pictures? Do you guys want me to die?

That day was so much fun!

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